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E M M A L Y N E    R O S E

“Art is everywhere… The whole world is a massive piece of Art!”

Emmalyne Rose is an Haute Couture Designer from Belgium, known for her outstanding luxury garments, headpieces, and accessories. Her works are a combination of different styles with classic as modern designs involving beadwork, filigree, lace, etc... 

Her adoration for haute couture began when she was a child while watching costumed historical movies. Unfortunately, while she deeply hungered to study haute couture, her parents had chosen a way different future for her. After she graduated and began to work, she had bought herself a cheap second-hand sewing machine with her first pay to begin to study fashion design and couture techniques in the evening classes. Being the only person to put food on the table for the whole family, she encountered many hard times but never gave up on her biggest passion; to create unique marvelous pieces who will glorify each and every woman's body!

Later in 2010, she was qualified to represent Belgium in a European Costume competition in London UK. Meanwhile, she also took part in different national pageant competitions to demonstrate that beauty isn't about the perfect size but the right appearance and elegance. In 2011 she began to host her own runway shows on local events while she launched her brand "Emmalyne Rose Couture"  Her intend to bring a new light upon the high fashion industry by creating unique pieces for the runway involving each size and age,  got noticed by the Prime television in 2014 who gave her a feature in their program.


In  2016 she empowered this fact anew when she got qualified as finalist for Top Model Belgium.

In 2017 the founded  "Danza Luna", a luxury artistic event held yearly at the ballrooms of the Ghent Opera (Belgium) dedicated to Haute Couture and visual arts. The event got internationally renowned, giving the opportunity for networking and exhibition of arts. In November 2018, the event has hosted the very first public runway show, introducing a new tradition to the high fashion world where showcasing haute couture rather becomes a magnificent spectacle presenting unique garments on each body.


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