Emmalyne Rose is an Haute Couture Designer from Belgium who is recognized for her outstanding luxury garments, headpieces, and accessories. Over the years she has been dressing many world class individuals who wanted to stand out from the crowd and look breath taking on the Red Carpet. She is also the founder of the renowned 

Gala "Danza Luna" held at the exclusive ballrooms of

the Royal Opera of Ghent - Belgium. 

Her vision is to create extraordinary garments expressing the

 distinctiveness of the individual by mixing beaded embroidery and filigree laser cut ornaments with contemporary technics and materials. Each creation is unique  and presented with a certificate of authenticity.


Through years Emmalyne introduced a new tradition to the high fashion where showcasing haute couture becomes a magnificent event showcasing marvellous creations designed for everyone, no matter age , size or origin. Her efforts to bring this new light upon the high fashion industry by creating magnificent pieces for the Red Carpet got noticed by
the Prime television who gave her a feature in their program in 2016.

Since then Emmalyne Rose Couture not only got a major share of collaborations in national as international photoshoots, couture projects and assistance for celebrity wardrobe styling for the red Carpet, but also her fashion runway at Gala Danza Luna to promote and support haute couture designers, attracts countless of fashion artists and guests from around the globe each year.

In 2020, during the corona-lockdown, Emmalyne Rose held the very first corona-proof digital Fashion Runway in Belgium under the name "International Fashion Week BE".