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DANZA DELLA LUNA 2018 - "Sevessius"

November 11, 2018

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Glamour VS Inspiration

July 1, 2018


Could one consider themselves to be inspiring when they are glamourous? Through my experience in different social circles I always knew someone who had an outstanding reputation. Most people don’t dare to approach them because they are too shy or just scared to be ignored… My first idea was, “they are human as I am so why don’t we give a start for a conversation?” In most cases I have discovered that they are very willing to share their experiences and even give you some nice references.

In the past, I have always considered myself not being fit for a lingerie photoshoot till that one day we had a photoshoot for Top Model in different styles.  A “Boudoir” photoshoot was one of them. So, I contacted my skilled references asking them for advice. I was literary stunned of their enthusiasm and support. Finally, the shoot went very well, and the results were outstanding. A nice portfolio item indeed! Now I do know that I’m pretty good for a Lingerie Photoshoot and probably will do some more in the future. I wouldn’t have knew this if I never took my chance to take te first step. Honestly for me it was my time to give a payback to all those who never found me “good enough” for such a photoshoot. I did had a good thinking before publishing the pictures on my social media accounts but there again, I only got another confirmation of how good the pictures were and most people even asked me to do more "Boudoir" photography.

And today I’m proud to be an inspiration for so many lovely souls out there who pay me a visit on my page to read my blog. The only message I can give is, it’s scary I know… but you need to bite through it. Most of you are so brainwashed with false believes about your looks, your qualities or your skills that you just stay nicely within the lines of that circle, too afraid to hurt yourselfs. You are wonderful, but you will never know so if you never try!

So, go out there and take that chance! If you fall off the first time, … keep trying! Every try makes you wiser and nothing is ever been in vain! And when you succeed, inspire as much people as you can!!!


Much love





Emmalyne Rose




Corset by Cadavre Exquis
Photo by Top Model





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