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DANZA DELLA LUNA 2018 - "Sevessius"

November 11, 2018

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Success leaves clues! Pay attention!

May 1, 2018




What you see from a very "successful" person is the RESULT of a series of actions who ensured the accomplishment of their target, through a period of time. I was asked once if a lucky person is also a successful person. It depends on how you define success in your opinion. If you think winning the grand lottery will make you a successful person, then you'll definitely become one if you can use your money towards your aims to secure your success. But if you win the same amount of money and don't know how to organize your finances, wasting it to petty things, then probably you'll be broke in no time. So not every lucky person is a successful person unless you put up definite aims towards success.


"Success always leaves its clues". Success loves to be studied and is eagerly waiting to reveal its secrets. This ofcourse if you are curious enough to pursue its nature. Successful people just LOVE to share their knowledge and experiences because they want everyone to taste their own version of success! And they know very well that the source of Success is inexhaustible, that's why they are so free to share it with everyone! Just imagine all the biographies, anecdotes and interviews of artists, designers, statesman, ect...? Loads of them filled with mountains of ways explained how to get from where you are to where you wanna go! Unfortunately some may see it as a form of entertainment but through the lines they are giving out all the possible ways to become one of them and reach your aims. So go read that book! Dig up the content you can use and write them in a notebook! Read it regulary! I always keep a notebook where I write down some sentences who hit my eye along the way!


The source of success is not money! The source of success is knowledge. Money is the outcome, a compensation for the successful service you delivered through the application of the knowledge to deliver a successful service. The common issue is that EVERYONE wants to earn lots of money and QUICK but they forget the most important fact: KNOWLEDGE.  That's why we need to read and learn and LEARN! Life makes sense only when you keep on learning. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80. What matters is your willingness to work towards a successful service and the motivation to do so immediately without any compensation or conditions. If you manage to take that step, success will unfold itself to you and money will follow... ;-)





Picture from book: "Emma, Make My Dream Work"

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