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DANZA DELLA LUNA 2018 - "Sevessius"

November 11, 2018

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Top Model Belgium - Win a Ticket to the Semi-Finals!!!

February 11, 2018


Top Model Belgium is a modelling contest aiming to make their candidates noticable among the fashion world professionals and the media. The finals are held at the opulent locations of Lido in Paris (Champs- Élysées) and broadcasted on different television stations. ​


I applied through their online application in October 2017. A couple of weeks later I got an envelope congratulating me for being qualified to join the semi-finals. On that moment I was completely overcome by joy and wonder! It was like I was in a dream but later when I had the first information session, I realized the extraordinary chance I was been given. There were been 6500 applicants and only 550 were selected.


So our journey begun! First we got professional photoshoot sessions followed by professional catwalk trainings in contribution and promotion towards the Semi - Finals which will take place on the 18th of March at the fantastic locations of San Marco Village -Antwerp, Belgium.  I have met wonderful people during my trainings. Really one by one amazing talented individuals which I highly appriciated to be in their company. Top Model Belgium even gave me the opportunity to involve a couple of my talented friends to my experience. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support to lend me some hand to promote my works on which I shall surely give them the necessary credits.


Please visit their pages below to discover their products and services!

Elias Gubbels Photography

Cadavre Exquis Designs
Faeriecat Designs

Isabelle Hanneuse Photography.


Sometimes what we often dream about seems so far away or even unreachable. The truth is that nothing is unreachable when one is willing to dare to reach for it. But all is in your hands and under your control. You have to make the decision to realize and hold it up no matter what happens! If I didn’t took the decision that particular day to send in my application for Top Model Belgium, I would never had the privilege to make part of this magnificent journey and get in touch with such amazing individuals. You truly can make your dream come true. Just know profoundly and earnestly that you are an magnificent individual with so many potential who can become whoever you want. You have to tell, believe and live from it each moment of the day!

Nobody will make things happen for you unless you do.


My journey continues and so does the exceptional opportunities! As I had the most wonderful time during my trainings enjoying an exclusive training and program, I'm looking forward to give the best of myself on the catwalk during the Semi-Finals on the 18th of March 2018.


As Top Model Belgium offered me this wonderful opportunity, in turn I want to give ONE of you the opportunity to share this experience with me for FREE! To get the chance to meet some interesting people and most of all to join the ranks of an EXCLUSIVE stylish event.  So I'm offering a FREE TICKET to the SEMI-FINALS in San Marco Village Antwerp-Belgium as my SPECIAL INVITE (drinks included for the entire evening).


All you have to do is to send a text message with TMB511 to the number


BELGIUM: TMB511 to 3565
FRANCE: TMB511 to 81108
LUXEMBOURG: TMB511 to 64747

Do send me a message with your name and the phonenumber which you have send the message with to :

I shall announce the lucky winner of the ticket here on my blog on SUNDAY 11th of MARCH.


 Pictures by Studio Dilli -





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