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November 11, 2018

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The snow covered road

December 20, 2017

When it comes to beauty, the definition I adore the most is that which the wonderful Lizzie Velasquez describes as next: "Each woman is striving towards the standards of beauty but what is beauty? Having a perfect figure or a loving heart? Striving to that perfect appearance or engaging to help others?" And indeed as Lizzie tells, "when you strip down your make-up and clothes in the evening, what's still there is that which you hold deep within."

The only beauty is indeed that which you feel deep within in gratitude of gratification.  

Never change for anyone or anything unless for yourself. And the true beauty then is that what you feel when you look at the mirror without make up, accessories and clothes. I always say that when you look at the mirror, the true work of art is you! And yes, it may be that you aren't happy about your nose, your eyes or ears but you know what, it's those things that makes you, YOU. You don't have to accept yourself as the most "beautiful" girl in the world but you can accept yourself being you.

Never forget that everything in life is acceptable as long as you are willing to accept and show it to the world that you don't necessarily have to be "beautiful", to be amazing! Finally there are no standards for beauty because we are all different and we all love different things which is so wonderful! So we can begin to love ourselves today and become beautiful tomorrow! When you begin to feel beautiful, you'll take care, become healthier and radiate it to everyone around you. Then the time will come that you won't need make up accessoiries or clothes to feel beautiful because true beauty doesn't need all that. 

That what you know, accept and express will last forever!

Merry Christmas everyone! <3


Emmalyne x




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