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DANZA DELLA LUNA 2018 - "Sevessius"

November 11, 2018

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"Keep on Keeping on"

November 8, 2017

I have been in contact with so many wonderful talented artists who just can’t fully unfold their ability of contributing their works. Why? Well, all involves self-discouragement. I say SELF-DISCOURAGEMENT because all we believe to be true is our reality and if one ALLOWS ITSELF to believe into an outside claim to be true then you will exclude all other possibilities.


When you love to work towards that gratification of contributing to the world by the expression of your art, there are no discouragements possible to hold you back. It's even illogical! 


You FIRST need to love what you do before others can appreciate and love it as well.  When you create to be celebrated or appriciated by others, your satisfaction will be short lived and one day, you’ll find yourself to be nothing but the same stranger you begun with. There are no such things as “not being good enough” or “not being famous enough”. Others don’t define your art and if one person doesn’t like it,  there are billions of other who will.  Unless you crash yourself into Self-Discouragement.


When you work towards your skills in your art, you will become a master and once you reach that point the whole world will unfold itself to you with all you can ever imagine! No mountain is high enough if you “keep on keeping on” climbing.  No matter how many times you fall, see it as a challenge to fuel your desire to reach even further than where you are today.


And do it for nothing or nobody else but yourself! So get out there! Show what you can do! Accept and appriciate critics as much as compliments because while compliments will push you forth, critics will provide you the right tools to get you to the right direction. No matter how scarry or uneasy it may sound... go for it.



Emmalyne x







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