Seka Dobric is a powerful and curious mind, that quenches her thirst for even more knowledge by continuous learning, taking up new challenges and by hardworking. She makes a fast and successful career in Belgium. Next to the business, Seka is a known as a sought-after model, starting her modelling as a winner of a modelling contest “The Model of The Year”. Shortly after that, she enters the prestigious pageant, 'Mrs. Globe Belgium’. With her beauty and wits, she wins the pageant and is proclaimed the first most beautiful woman of Belgium. The title of Mrs Belgium Globe propels into stardom of the famous Belgian society. Consequently, Seka wins the podium place on the pageant Mrs GLOBE 2008 in Palm Springs, California.

No wonder that the designer Emmalyne Rose chose Seka Dobric as a muse and the face of her fashion brand Emmalyne Rose couture.


Seka Dobric is a go-getter, a personality who leads by example: chase your dreams and never ever give up. "You must always keep the door open" is a statement she makes in her book “Vlucht naar mijn droom”, published in March 2020 in Belgium and available via Sekadobric.com.

Seka’s life motto: “You can make all your dreams come true one by one – keep the door open and go for it!”.

Besides in her book, the life of Seka Dobric was captured in 2020 on Belgian television, in the show "The Sky is The Limit" - the show is about successful and famous Belgian entrepreneurs.  For her home country Bosnia, Seka Dobric was portrayed in the hugely successful TV Show “U tudjoj avliji” produced by Osman Dziho and presented on Hayat TV in June 2020.

As a true fashionista, Seka Dobric joined the team of young entrepreneurs of INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK 2020 and will actively participate in the organisation of this event. The original idea and driving force of this year’s edition is to have the INCLUSIVE models on the catwalk: the European first-ever models “inclusive fashion art and beauty”. The models aged 18-50 and size zero-PLUS will be walking the walk, presenting the beauty of the woman as she truly is.