Phantomess of the Opera!

The decade is almost over! Just a couple of days to go and we’ll take a brand-new start with 2020.

My website got a complete update by my amazing web team! Honestly it was about time as I’m getting more request for collaborations, we needed an update.

I wanted to say goodbye to 2019 by featuring the pictures we made with the talented Elvire Van Ooteghem at the ballrooms of the Royal Opera of Ghent. We called this series “The Phantomess of the Opera” with me as the Phantomess. It was a pleasure to wear the amazing “Catherine Corset” from Cadavre Exquis Couture with which she had won the 3rd price at the Foundations Revealed competition 2019!

The headpiece is made by me and it was my very first headpiece creation which I have finished entirely with Swarovski crystals.

For me, the Phantomess of the Opera, is a representation of two elements who simultaneously assimilate in each other. At one side it represents the past and mortality (skull) and at the other, the opulence and wealth (headpiece, outfit and location). The past represents 2019 while the opulence welcomes 2020. Another meaning can also be given that no matter how wealthy one can be, mortality is universal.

It’s my firm belief that when you are present in the now, the better you can get inspired to create your future. And the past???... Well, that’s a great collection of valuable feedback which you can consult from time to time.

Credits: Photo 1 - 3 : Photography by Elvire Van Ooteghem, Modeling and headpiece by Emmalyne Rose, Corsetdress by Cadavre Exquis MUA by Mieke Maselis

Photo 2: Photo and headpiece made by Emmalyne Rose

More information about Foundations Revealed competition

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