How to become an optimistic artist?

"By interpreting difficulties as personal, permanent, and pervasive, pessimists keep their misery alive. Very little mental space remains for optimism." from -Hard Optimism- by Price Pritchett.

When you are in tune with your whole being and everything around you, a spark of wonder reaches your heart and hits the cords of your inspiration. Human kind is such a wonder! Sometimes I tend to take a step back and look at what I have created which leaves me speechless every time.

Once I worked on a piece for 10 hours straight without any water or food, just because I was in such high spheres of creation. My hands were literary crying to make which hit my mind. At that moment, expressing the burning desire for creation was all that counted within me. I cannot explain that power, that untamed force who raged through my whole body.

To create for the sake of creation, to make it happen and I couldn't think of anything else but that which I was to call in existence through my hands. Just like a ship heading to it's harbor, slowly but for sure because everything was at the right time, the right way, everything fell in place as it was orchestrated by destiny itself.

Then the supreme moment of accomplishment, the revealing of the masterpiece! Perfect, as I have imagined! A feeling of gratitude and joy filled my eyes... I always like to take another look at my creations the day after, when I rise in the morning, just to realize again how to be so lucky, to be able to tap into the creation and be able to make wonders happen for this world.

An optimist mind will always thrive towards creating the best for all involved. No matter if it's just helping a friend, baking the best cake ever or painting a masterpiece. We are all born creators and each day we are creating while we are growing! It's in our nature. Unlike the fact how fantastic it may sound, it's not easy to always keep up your optimism. As an artist, for me personally, it was difficult to get over criticism and underappreciated of my work. Here are some points I made up my mind for and helped me a great deal.

1) create for the sake of creation - I rarely take commissions, unless if it's something that inspires me deeply. Everything I create I do so for the sake of creating. This way, I let my inspiration soar free upon my project. Everything I create is one in a kind!

2) I don't focus on monetary benefits when I'm creating. - When you are doing something for money as your main focus, then you are not an artist, you are an employee because you are trading your time for money. And your creation isn't art anymore but a good, a product. This is something I definitely make difference in. It's a fact that you probably want to trade your art for money but it must NEVER be your main focus.

3) My main reason is to express creation - It doesn't matter if you like my creations or not. I'm expressing what hits my inspiration and I enjoy what I'm creating. I have a deep awareness for the creations of my fellow artists and I keep their creations with the same value to my heart as my own creations, so I'm never offended if another work is preferred above mine as long as art is appreciated! Every artist is unique and every creation is unique!

4) Share Share Share - I loveeee to share my creations. If a creation is combined with another creation it can sure make a supreme piece. So I like to share my creations as long as it can provide me enough exposure and spread my support for arts.

5) Always welcome Feedback! Criticism is only a sign of a limited pessimistic mind. - A pessimistic mind will always try to infect you with limited thoughts. When someone gives you constructive feedback, welcome it and take it in consideration. Never take criticism seriously as it only expresses the limited thoughts and ideas of the person who gives you the critic. Thank them for their word and never go into their arguments. Never forget, energy grows where attention goes. Give your attention to creation only.

As last I want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful individuals who not only lavished me with support but also offered me the inspiration and the ways to express my art to the fullest.

Emmalyne x

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