Breaking through the barrier

One of the powerful techniques I use is called “Back to the future” (vid by Bryan Tracy)

If there is one thing who plays a mayor part in your future is “knowing exactly what you want from the future”. Therefor it's very important to PLAN your life in accuracy. I was very ignorant about this fact. I mean, I did plan daily things,... such as what I had to make for dinner, or when I have to go to the dentist but it never occurred to me to think about how to plan my “future”.

It's common sense that I do have certain desires and dreams I look forward to attain but it always stayed somewhere in the background. I didn't really took them seriously as they seemed impossible to attain.

“Dare to dream big dreams” one of my mentors once said. Now this was in a conversation when I had told him how much I wished to invite Lady Gaga to my event and instantaneously scoffed myself off the idea as impossilbe. He asked me why I had dismissed the idea. My first reaction was that Lady Gaga probably would be too expensive and not be interested in my event herself. “That’s what YOU say, did you ever met her?” he had asked.

At first his question sounded preposterous. I couldn’t even dare to imagine myself standing in front of Lady Gaga inviting her to my event. “if you think you cannot, that’s only your own limiting belief.”

In 2019, I did my own planning to break through my limiting beliefs. I literary pulled myself over the barrier where I usually would just give up and back down. I made a planning for my work, my relationships, my finances and my relationships.

And withthe powerful techniques called "Back to the future" I visualised myself looking back to my future me. I tend to do this in a form of an anctdote and write down my experience of 5 years ago looking forth 5 years later. First I had to decide who I wantedd to be, 5 years later from now. Then I wrote down certain events or projects I would had accomplished.

My planning worked out wonders in 2019.

Have a happy 2020 everyone!

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